Tree Removal
Following the standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure the safety and efficiency of each job, S & C Tree Service has certified arborists and up-to-date equipment, experience and expertise to remove any tree in any situation. Tree Removal is recommended when the tree is hazardous, causing obstruction, dead, dying, or when construction is involved.

Tree Pruning
S & C Tree Service uses various pruning methods to improve the natural shape of trees. Diseased, dead or broken wood can be removed at any time of the year. The recommended time for pruning is late winter or early spring before growth begins.
  Crane Removal

S & C Tree Service has skilled certified crane operators specializing in hazardous tree removals. Crane removals help to assure minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas and have the capability to remove trees from hard to reach locations. A crane is called in when a tree has been severely damaged and normal removal procedures will not work or are risky.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most efficient and economic way to remove stumps. Removing stumps using our mobile grinding service enhances the appearance of your landscape. S & C Tree Service will grind stumps below grade and remove excess mulch.



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headquartered in Burlingame, we serve the Bay Area, Northern California 

We can provide virtually any kind of tree service: removal, pruning, trimming, view trimming, stump grinding, mobile grinding and land clearing. Our mobile chippers can recycle and remove the stump to Bay Area recycling. We can provide service for storm damage or any hazardous removal for any landscape. We service all kinds of customers including residential, commercial, municipal and government clients. We belong to the Society of Arboriculture and are fully certified arborists. We specialize in 24 hour hr emergency repair, especially to storm damage. Our highly skilled certified arborist team can quickly perform tree trimming and removal then provide complete clean up.